Traditional & Contemporary Italian Cuisine

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Catering Menu


Tuna Ceviche – chopped tuna marinated with lemon, EVOO and herbs tossed with chopped avocado and tomato
Crab Balls Maryland Style drizzled with chipotle mayonnaise
Smoked Salmon with dill cream cheese on baguette slices

Shrimp Spiedini – jumbo shrimp marinated and grilled with a cherry tomato

Chicken Spiedini – chicken marinated in teriyaki sauce and grilled

Antipasto Spiedini – mozzarella ball, cherry tomato, salami, tortellini and banana pepper

Sausage Spiedini – sausage, pepper and onion grilled

Lollypop Lambchops – marinated and grilled drizzled with mint demi glaze

Mozzarella Caprese Spiedini – mozzarella balls with cherry tomato drizzled with pesto

Eggplant Roulade – grilled and marinated eggplant rolled with goat cheese

Beef Empanadas – ground beef, olive, tomato, and cumin folded in dough and baked

Potato Empanadas – potato and yam folded in dough and baked

Bruschetta – chopped tomato, celery, onion and crumbled goat cheese in a phyllo cup

Arancini – rice balls filled with mozzarella and peas, drizzled with marinara

Tapenade Assortiti – baguette slices with calamata olive spread, roasted red pepper spread, and eggplant spread

Stationary Hors d’Oeuvres

Misto Affetati – assorted cured meats and cheeses with candied walnuts, fruit, mustard and marmalade

Artichoke and Crab Dip

Polpetini – natural beef meatballs cooked in marinara

Smoked Salmon with lemon, capers, dill crème fraiche and baguette slices


Bolognese – ground beef and minced vegetable ragout

Norma – sauteed eggplant, tomato and mozzarella

Pesto – pureed basil and olive oil

Vodka – spicy tomato, with a dash of cream and vodka

Puttanesca – chopped tomato, olives, garlic, anchovy, capers, and herbs

A’Matriciana – chopped tomato, onions, pancetta, herbs, and wine

Marinara – San Marzano tomatoes, EVOO, garlic and basil


Branzino in Cartoccio – filet of Branzino with lemon, herbs and julienned vegetables wrapped in parchment paper and baked

Dorade encrusted with pistachio, breadcrumbs and herbs then baked

Bracciole – natural beef rolled with spinach, pinenuts and romano cheese and simmered in a tomato sauce until tender

Ossobuco – veal hind shank braised and roasted with tomato and minced vegetables until tender. Served with gremolata on the marrow and over saffron risotto.

Chicken con Olive Nere – natural chicken breast cooked with red wine, black olives and herbs.

Chicken Piccata – natural chicken breast sauteed with white wine, lemon juice, chicken stock, capers, and parsley.